Athlete Profile: Apostolos Charitonidis, World Transplant Games Champion

I am Apostolos Charitonidis and I am from Greece. Ten years ago I diagnosed with Leukemia and a year later I underwent in Bone Marrow Transplant. I was an athlete and I refused to let leukemia stop me. After that I push myself back to health trying to accomplish things I never thought possible.

I consider myself fortunate, since through this, I managed to “beat” the disease and show that I am not an observer of life, but I remained active and energetic citizen.

I learned about World Transplant Games through Social Media and I started training on my own. Hellenic Transplant Sports Association “Dromeas” gave me the opportunity to participate on Transplant Games.

My first World Transplant Games was in Australia 2009 where I compete in swimming until 2013 at Durban where I took the gold in 50m Butterfly. At Mar del Plata 2015 I moved from swimming to throwing events, winning in discus, breaking the World Record.

At Malaga Games I will compete in discus, javelin, shot put and ball throw.

Throwing events are among the oldest in track and field athletics. They require great strength and throwers are usually the biggest athletes in any athletic competition. These events are also alternatives for athletes who prefer activities other than swimming and running to remain physically active for life.

I feel a deep satisfaction going beyond myself, inspiring others to not only survive, but live their lives to the fullest.

About the author: ΔΡΟΜΕΑΣ