29th National Transplant and Renal Games

Athanasia Botsa
General Secretary

The Panhellenic Transplant and Renal Atheletes’ Games is a great event for our country, which, although sinking into the whirlpool of a great economic crisis, nevertheless succeeds every year through the Ministry of Culture to show the special interest and great sensitivity of their realization.

Since 1988, when the 1st Panhellenic Games for Disabled People took place, to which we have participated and which have been institutionalized as our first Panhellenic Games, they remain the leading event of our field, which is progressively enriched with the participation of more and more athletes. It is also one of the best poles of a panhellenic meeting among the athletes, held in an invironment full of excitement and enthusiasm. Some are fighting for a place on the podium while others participate just for the experience. Whatever the reason for their participation, in the end it is strenth and human will that prevail, while photographic cameras immortalize these beautiful and unforgettable moments.

In total, four sports clubs took place: SAN, Piraeus Lions, DIAGORAS, and our Pan-Hellenic Athletic Association of Transplanted Dromeas who was also the official games’ organizer. Also we hosted, as we do every year, a delegation of athletes from Cyprus.

So on Wednesday, March 29th 2017, the athletes arrived from the province of Greece to be hosted in a central Athens hotel. On Thursday, 30 March, the bowling eventstook place at ROYAL BOWLING in Peristeri and cycling at the Schinias Olympic Rowing Course. On Friday, March 31, the swimming activities took place at NEA GENIA ZIRIDI Education Centre and the athletics at Spata Municipal Stadium, while the on Saturday, April 1, the table tennis events took place at the Tower of Piraeus. The medals awards at the end of the races was the cause of the warm applause received by the athletes.

Those who have achieved the qualifying limits will be a part of the National Team to participate in the 21st World Transplant Games in Malaga, Spain next June. Thus, once again, an attempt will be made to inform and raise awareness of the dissemination of the institution of organ donation, of this supreme altruistic act of love to the suffering fellowman.

The success of the 29th Panhellenic Games was determined by many parameters such as perfect preparation and organization, decent athletic spaces, hospitality, the noble presence of the judges, the Director of the Games, the Doctor, all the athletes as well as the moral and material support of the donors, including the Ministry of Culture. For many athletes this year the Panhellenic Games was the baptism in the field of sports that rightly went into their hearts. So exercise may be a part of their daily routine and systematic training may improve their performance until our next athletic event.

Congratulations to everybody.

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